Ogee Design Magazine 15

Welcome to the new edition of Ogee Magazine Fashion, design, arts, hotels, restaurants, porcelain, perfumes; Pierre Cardin, more than any other designer, was an expert in linking his name and style to a legendary well-known brand which was applied to many items and many domains. Enjoy the winter exploring the splendour of futuristic and surprising…


Culture Mashup – Contemporary China-Painting

Culture Mashup Contemporary China Painting by Melanie Sherman China painting allows Melanie Sherman to combine multiple images and detailed patterning from various cultures on her work. Edition: January/February 2016 | Page 39 – 42 | www.potterymaking.org China painting is an ancient technique for the ornamentation of ceramics. The Chinese started decorating their porcelain wares as…

Melanie Sherman Ceramic Artist in Kansas City, MO

NCECA Journal 2014, Vol. 35

Travel Report – Regina Brown Fellowship Award The Regina Brown Undergraduate Fellowship made it possible for me to travel to the German cities of Dresden and Meissen, where I visited the Zwinger Palace, the Historic Green Vault, the Meissen Porcelain Factory, and the Albrechtsburg Castle. I wanted to visit these places to study Meissen’s world-renowned…

Image 17: Eva Zeisel (Industrial Designer) 1906-2011 Budapest, Hungary – New City, NY

Eva Zeisel: Her Life and her Designs

Topics in Ceramics: History of Ceramics II Professor: Michele Fricke “While design is widespread, it has never been popular: it speaks only to an elite. Correspondingly, design is not concerned with the popular idea of beauty. In fact, it looks down on popular taste. My own definition of beauty includes popular taste… Beauty is not…


French Porcelain in the 18th Century

Topics in Ceramics: History of Ceramics I Professor: Michele Fricke Ceramics production in France was rare prior to the 17th century. Although a thriving pottery community was established in Italy, and Italian potters came to France to visit and work, the French were not particularly interested in producing ceramic wares in their own country. [1]…